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Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Month : Ramadhan + TrialSPM

Hi , hello and Assalamualaikum  ^..^'

   First of all, i would like to thank to all of my viewers , until this blog hits 9k viewed . Sobs2 , so 'terharu'.. haha. walaupun most of the viewers are stranger that came and promoted its blog in my kotak menjerit
[ blog tu semua psai jual kain tudung. what the ??? ]  .. =_=' . finee.. ikut suka laa, promote laa, nnti aq bkak gak , nak ilangkan boring.

oOh well, let us straight to my point here. 
   Alright ! Not building castles in the air, nor an apple a day that can keep my doctor away [ i hav no doctor] . oh dear, i makin' tak betui. haha. ignore it.

  Guess what? now, we are in a special month. oh wait ! my font is getting bigger and bigger... let me fix it... knkaknkfkanknakfnkank...

Okay, that's better. 

     haaaa, sekarang kan dalam bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak kan ? bulan paling best bagi umat Islam. so, let us 'doubling' everything, prayer; fasting; pray to God; and all of the good things. but, never 'doubling' the bad behavior, it worse. haha..
   well, sempena bulan ini, apa yang aku harapkan ?
              ~ penuhkan posa, tawerahhh , and smua ibadah ... :3 <--- changing to a good boy !

oke, done with that. let move on to another topic..
  just a few days ago, before ramadhan started, we [ 5 umar ] had successfully organizing a ceremony. [ kind of ]... well, we celebrated the coming of Ramadhan and Spm Trial [ im scared of this exam things... ]

 we had much crazy+fun+joy time together. it was fantastic to spend time like this with friends .
   here a few pictures that i had taken...
Ini lah halida [ halide dlm kimia . haha ]

ikram, pnjenayah tnpa upah. Wahidah tk takut pun. auzaie ? =_= '
roti kek by wahidah. haha. sdp2 !

from left, Nurun , Auzaie , Anas

mcm2 ad dlm ini. from left, Farah , Halida , Nurun , Ehsan dan wahidah

thats me !!! yg pkai spek. haha. [ auzaie, sory aq lukih dgn buruknya. gnti ag.
sbb tk nmpk. haha ]

these people, are weird. 

Duta Buah Tembikai. from left, Farah , AO , Halide

Class monitor, Wafiy de~ [ booo ]

this , me. -_-' . aneh.

auzaie, don;t be too gelojoh. hahaha.. tngok anas
rileks jaa makan

[ wahidah ? what did you saw? ] ..
tepi tu cikgu biologi kami, Madam Latifah

5Umar princesses . =_= , from left again, Farah , halida, AO [yg trlindung ] , and

our main makanan, puluit ayam

atudia.. =_= no komen. beside me, Syafei. called ; Piee

yeah . done ! haha. thats all. see you again next time. tata ~