Kelik kalau anda rajin,.. :] _

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Hello people!

Phew. It's already December. We're nearing 2016.

Anyways, I'm in my fourth semester right now. Just started in 2 weeks ago.
Of course, I've been looking forward how my relationship between me and Aqil going to be since the first day I entered here.

At first I was like, "Well, we probably will never be as close as before. Kden."

Then a couple of days later we started talking again. Cool.
SO, I can proudly say there's no more fraud between us (I guess) for now. Hahahaha. What a great thing to start the semester.

This semester I'll be in class G. There are like 2 permanent members of this class that is the same gender as me.

"Is it new to you? Do you find it uncomfortable? How do you cope with being with those gurls?"

To answer those questions, No No and I cope easily.
I find it comfortable to be around people with any genders. It's not a big problem.

The only REAL problem I'm having right now is my phone.
I couldn't use my whatsapp, any apps on my phone or anything except for sms, calling and hotspot for my laptop's internet. It's not thaat easy to live like this, coz I need to ask my friend about the current update of the class, any works or something. Sometimes I feel like I burden to much people as I'm not capable of finding the info by myself. Sorry friends!

Don't worry, I'll try to buy a new phone as soon as possible. To achieve that I need to save money.
Heck, 2 weeks into this fourth semester I'm able to save like RM50. lol

By January 2016, I will try to persuade my 'bankers' to add more money for this purpose. heuheu

That's it I think for now. I hope it all going to be okay for you and for me :D


p/s: I'm starting my old hobby; drawing. I've drawn 3 portraits so far and likely to increase. It's so fun!!!!