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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Classmates from DiplomaLife

Hey guys! 

surprise bitch
i bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

Okay apparently I just noticed that some of my friends (a better word; classmates) have forgotten about my existence 😢.

"Dude chill, it's normal. They aren't forgetting you it's just they too have a busy life and their own lives to live!"

Yeah I know that, but here's the thing. I discovered that some people actually unfollowed me from socmeds (or maybe, idk, blocked me? meh). That's why I think they are trying to avoid me or just running away from my existence.


Well, I think they must have had a crucial reason for doing that. Maybe they are moving on to a newer part of their life? Like, NEW YEAR NEW ME kinda thing. Or maybe I did something wrong in the past and they couldn't really forget about it and just cut ties with me so that they wouldn't be reminded of that again? Yeah I don't really know.

But whatever the reason is, I'm offended.

No, seriously.

Maybe, you should have told me beforehand about that and I would understand that, but to just suddenly removed me from your life like that? It would be easier for me to take if we've been knowing each other for less than a couple of months but no, it has been a couple of years.

Anyway, as much as I'm pretending I don't care, I care a lot. But it's your life, do what you want though I'm holding no grudges towards you

If it's for the better, then I'm okay with it. Just, don't forget our friendships aite? I'll be there if you choose to come back again and wanting to know me again. hahahaa.

To end this post, I'm going to state one thing again: I'm not sad, just a little bit curious of why would you do that. But I'm okay.

thank you!

p/s: Seems like I'm going to write a lot this year. Hah! Keep updated lel