Kelik kalau anda rajin,.. :] _

Saturday, 20 September 2014

14' is ending soon.

Hey guys.

It's nearly the end of September which means that my first term for this year will end pretty soon. Seriously, I'm not ready for this. It just.. It just TOO fast to bear. I wanna spend more time with people that just became my acquaintance, team and buddy. I wish I could slow down the time but apparently everyone wishes the same thing as well which make it impossible to happen. Right?

First off, I wanna start my soliloquize with stating about the bond that I've cr3ated h3re. Dafuq? Yknow diZ phone alwayz make that shit typos with numb3rs and it seems rempitz.
Don't mind that spelling. So, in new place and new life I've made a lot of new bonding with many people whether through my intention or without. Keep in mind that I'm that kind of person that rarely use my mouth to communicate ; introvert shyness socially awkward and stuffs, but I actually managed to make these people exist in my life here. These people, these special people in here helped me go through the roughness toughness hardness ...*insert suitable words*.. made me capable of dealing with things.

Perhaps next time I'll share about my favourite people  here which include everyone that I know. Maybe not that specific with every SINGLE person's story. I really wanna write about it.

By the way, final exam starts this 24sept so... Don't wish me luck but pray that I'll be hardworking and striving enough to achieve what equal to my efforts. :)

Till we meet again.
Here, I left you with a picture.
This freaking picture is about food that I consumed few weeks earlier which cost me a few RM10 notes. It was delicious but phew  wayyy too expensive. 9/10 would do again (in case I got huge amount of money).