Kelik kalau anda rajin,.. :] _

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Okay hello guys!

Based on the post title, you should already know that I'm currently on my semester break after finishing my fourth semester in university. Wohoo! The result of the latest final examination is expected to be out in mid May of 2016 so I still got plenty of time to waste before worrying about my result. 😂😂

Anyways, how are you doing? I'm doing great. I dont even know whos going to answer my question since im doubting anybody would still visiting my blog lol
   Heh. Actually maybe I'm not doing that great coz yknow; lazy-ness and shits messed my life real bad.

  Guess I'll be telling you about myself so far. You've read about the story about me and Aqil from the last post right? Yeah we all good now. Perhaps closer than ever. Great.
And even better, since I've gotten a new phone my life has been a lot more miserable lazy wasting time productive and useful 😂. Finally, I could record a high quality video with this phone. Wow. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES to have a camera with this goood quality image/video. Kinda glad actually. Sometimes I feel like posting videos of me talking about issues, singing or something stupid but then I don't have quite the courage to do so yet. Maybe next time in future eh :P

Ohh. This fourth semester got a huge impact on me. Yes. It really did.
I did discover a lot of things this semester including:

  • I met a lot of new friends from my own batch/course whom I've never spoke since I was too shy to do so. 
  • I followed more people on social media to my acknowledge, before, when I thought there weren't many people use the social media as much as me. So happy for this lol
  • I handled a couple of events; sportsday, dinner for my course, events for my club. 
  • I became close again with my long-time-no-talk friend. lel
  • I communicated more often with my roommate. I kid you not, even with my roommate I'm a kind of silent person. 
  • Finishing a lab report in less than 24 hours. curse that lecturer tho haha
  • Last but not least, became comfortable with being myself with more people :)
  • I have successfully drawn a few portraits since the start of this semester. Wohoo!
Okay maybe there are lot more but I couldn't remember much. heh. 

Basically, yeah that what happened most of this semester. I hope for the best for the next semester which also my last semester studying there. omg I'm gonna miss them so much after this, like how I miss seeing my high school friens. tsk tsk. 

Bye for now! 

p/s: here's a bit photo. 

Edited this for group presentation. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
p/s 2.0: just discovered that emoji wont appear. lol too lazy to delete. LET IT BEEEE~

I designed this poster. #proud 😂