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Friday, 11 October 2013

Cyclonic Activities : October Week one / two

Hi ! How do you do ? :)

So , these few weeks i'm so obsess with wind and cloud. 
Ahah, actually it has been few years to be exact .

This week i;m so excited ( not really a proper word ) to observe the formation of cyclone around the world , and the ones that really caught my attention is Cyclone Phailin .

I noticed about the formation of Phailin around 6 october when a group of large cloud form in the Gulf of Thailand and moved to the west . I believed it will regain its strength and increase its power.
So yeah, my expectation seemed to be real when in 9 october it been classified as a tropical cyclone as it in the Andaman Sea.

It passed Malay Peninsula but had no obvious effect on Malaysia, but it had been raining all day in 5 - 6 october but thank god no flooding or violent wind. The special 'recipe' of making cyclone are high temperature of sea and suitable pressure . I consider this event as rare , why ?

It's hard to see a huge cyclone to form in this area , it's so tiny compare to the pacific ocean. In Indian Basin ( The India Ocean ) , any cyclone that had been this big experienced a phase which named Rapid Deepening, also known as rapid intensification . It is a meteorological condition that occurs when the minimun sea-level atmospheric pressure of a tropical cyclone decreases drastically in a short period of time. Clear ?
you can google it if you want to go deeper , but most of you wont ,right ? hahaha 

Today, 11 october, Phailin has been classified as category 4 hurricane in Saffir-simpson hurricane wind scale and is expected to hit India at its peak .

That was Phailin , as a baby :')
So cute .

And here it's now, time goes so fast.

Today's pic of it . So beautiful yet diabolic . lol

I can't say how beautiful and perfect those things , and i know it can be very devastating to the countries affected . 

Pray for their safety .

Oh, right now there are like three cyclone with Phailin the strongest in Indian Ocean, Typhoon Nari that passing on Philippines today as it''ll move to the west and regain its strength back , and Tropical Storm WIpha and according to the meteorological website they stated that wipha develop into a typhoon hours soon . 

This 2013 Cyclonic Season , very 'merry' 

bye !

p/s : to know more or forecasting about Phailin ( means Sapphire in Thailand ) , click here