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Friday, 14 June 2013

Gone : June 2013

So hey guys ! it's been a while since i last posted something on my blog. *giggles*

Hah im sorry, too busy these days , lot of stuffs to do . meh just a few excuses

So anyway, it's a new year ! yeahhh . 2013 ! hah.

*dude, it's already June , you're using internet explorer or what ? *

Okay maybe i'm a lil bit late but it still 2013 right ? :P  #win

*Probably you, at this moment ._.

For 95's Liner Homosapien, soon after got the SPM results most of them are now continuing their studies in various institutes including me.
Well to be honest, i do miss them . nahhh , not miss like crazy crazy laa just miss few few

I just miss seeing them on my Timeline ; Facebook , Twitter, etc. 
Playing stupid games with them on Twitter ( typing with no backspace ), OMGpop . 
Oh and Google+ Hangout ! What an amazing time we had together #TwitOutCrew 

 And those 5 months 'holiday' after SPM ... 

All those troubles i faced and i kept smiling because of you guys . haha, *cry out loud, LOL*
Ain't nobody got time to cry !
  I created this post with no intention at all so i will just keep writing anything that crossed my mind.
I hope they all can survive in a new atmosphere , especially Bella *manja* . XD haha. okay sorry. Matriculation, UiTM, Diploma, Foundation, STPM, INTEC, and so on . Goodluck in everything ! ^^

祝你好運 - zhù nǐ háoyùn !  

That's all i guess for now. Bye folks ! :D

p/s : Oh yaa one more thing, i will finish my 5Umar post after this, actually i wanted to post it earlier ( about somewhere in march ) but i don't know how i can't manage to finish it. But i will do my best. XD haha.