Kelik kalau anda rajin,.. :] _

Monday, 28 July 2014

The 'Happy' Day

Hello and Happy Eid-ul Fitr guys !

So, how's your day ? Must be pretty good, better than mine I suppose.
I started my first Syawal with a late-waking-up as I slept around 5a.m my fault, and guess what ? Extremely tired morning.
Then I proceed with the usual bathing, my new Baju Melayu and bla bla bla.
Fast forward to a time around 10a.m or something after Solat Sunat Aidilfitri people began to enter my house.
Ate stuffs and messaging and watching tv and Boom ! Suddenly everything became hectic. A sudden headache attacked me, shit was so terrible and I really feeling like throwing up but luckily I didn't. Phew.

Hot, Rain and Hotter, my body began to release the sweat. Very uncomfortable but still, IT IS RAYA.
Around 1p.m or something, I followed my parent and siblings to Graveyard, grandparents' houses ( keep in mind that I got many grandparents ), other relatives. It's a tradition that we do each year during first syawal so I really have to stick to the family's plan. But unfortunately this year we started the journey a lil bit late as many guests came to our house.
I just came back home around 8p.m and VERY VERY SLEEPY.

Okay, that's my story or summary of today. Next section.

Some people asked me to join them visiting friends' houses and I had to refuse. But seriously If the condition was clear and okay I definitely would go with them.
So I would like to express my guilt and I'm terribly apologise for something that I didn't do. This really bother me a lot. Sorry that I couldn't attend your house or accompany you to somewhere.
I know you won't accept my excuses but it still something that I should do.

Oh, and to that person that I had promised to take selfie of myself and wafiy ( my nephew, not that Giant Wafiy ) , I will deliver it soon. You know it was very hard to take a picture of a boy that kept crying and screaming.

Settle that. Next section.

I didn't have the feeling of taking any picture this year. So, I ended up taking no picture at all. No spirit No enthusiasm No nothing. A very dull day for me. The laziness also kept me hanging on air and avoided me from wishing to all of my contacts. Maybe some of it but not all. You already received a huge amount of wish from numerous human so one non-existed wish from me won't affect anything. Hee ~

This post, I expect that nobody is going to read it but if you do then Thank You :)

That's it. bye 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

It's July'14 !

Hello people !
Okay. So it's already July 2014 , still a few months left before this year ends. I have a lot of story to be told here (typed) but I start with something latest. I just downloaded an app for android called Blogger which literally similar to this site but for phone version.
With this new app I can post something on my regular basis, yes? I.Think.So.

Secondly, I'm now continue studying in a place that called YOU. Trust me, the only difference between this place and other institute is the environment ; social, people, life styles and lecturer/teacher. The stage for learning process can be hard moderate or easy ( too lazy to put comma there ). Truth be told, I miss my previous Alma mater. To be frank, both are located in Arau. Lol.

After that, MUET ! Okay. I done with it, my first time sitting for that test. Seriously, it WASN'T EVEN GOOD. I did my worst in every section I took. Nothing to blame other than myself. Speaking was a hell bad, writing was super unwell , listening ? Okay I guess. Reading ? Asdfghjkl. I don't know. I definitely can smell the high probability of me to repeat that test again. But I wish I don't . please. God.

boom! My biggest problematic problem that caused me super troublesome. DATA LOST! yes, my data including pictures videos music movies documents softwares memories nightmares are GONE just like that. Almost made me cried a bit but I didn't luckily ( gosh it really broke my heart and soul to pieces ). Just imagine, the things I captured I recorded for more than 4 years and I stored every byte of it in the folder suddenly just vanished from my life without me having the chance to back it up into my external drive. Okay. I already moved on from that. But sadly I'm not able to continue my post about many things that only buried and kept to be drafts from last year. Sorry though. Meh. Life is not always bright to you right ? You just gotta learn how to accept it sometimes.

Other than that, I'm currently on page 151 of 'The Fault In Our Stars'. And curse those people that keep spreading the spoilers on the internet. Just let me finish this book first you bastard! Haha.

Lastly, being here is really time consuming. Like once you opened your eyes and blinked suddenly it already dark. Wtf? Okay. And so many quizzes and tests to be taken in a short time. I suppose it's good that way but really wtf again? Okay. Stop. (I Apologise for my bad influence pfft ) 

That's it for now. Oh, should I provide you with some photos ? Okay. Byee