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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Classmates from DiplomaLife

Hey guys! 

surprise bitch
i bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

Okay apparently I just noticed that some of my friends (a better word; classmates) have forgotten about my existence 😢.

"Dude chill, it's normal. They aren't forgetting you it's just they too have a busy life and their own lives to live!"

Yeah I know that, but here's the thing. I discovered that some people actually unfollowed me from socmeds (or maybe, idk, blocked me? meh). That's why I think they are trying to avoid me or just running away from my existence.


Well, I think they must have had a crucial reason for doing that. Maybe they are moving on to a newer part of their life? Like, NEW YEAR NEW ME kinda thing. Or maybe I did something wrong in the past and they couldn't really forget about it and just cut ties with me so that they wouldn't be reminded of that again? Yeah I don't really know.

But whatever the reason is, I'm offended.

No, seriously.

Maybe, you should have told me beforehand about that and I would understand that, but to just suddenly removed me from your life like that? It would be easier for me to take if we've been knowing each other for less than a couple of months but no, it has been a couple of years.

Anyway, as much as I'm pretending I don't care, I care a lot. But it's your life, do what you want though I'm holding no grudges towards you

If it's for the better, then I'm okay with it. Just, don't forget our friendships aite? I'll be there if you choose to come back again and wanting to know me again. hahahaa.

To end this post, I'm going to state one thing again: I'm not sad, just a little bit curious of why would you do that. But I'm okay.

thank you!

p/s: Seems like I'm going to write a lot this year. Hah! Keep updated lel

Monday, 13 February 2017

Early 2k17 (Update of my current Life)

So hey guys! How you doin? I hope you're doing okay. 

Well... 2017 has been great so far with a lot of new things and unexpected decisions. Looking back on previous years, I think I did a good job in living as a human. So far, no weird diseases or extreme sickness or even infectious diseases have gotten into me, thank god. lol
Can't say much about my heart condition though (hint: I'm dead inside 😂 )
My academic progress has reached a new height! Since I'm done with Diploma already. So kinda like a new achievement unlocked eh?

So, here comes the new challenge. Today is 12th Feb of 2017 and I've just decided to further my degree in UiTM Shah Alam. surprise bitches The result for the uitm intake of march came out like on 10th Feb (which was on friday btw) and since then I've been thinking a lot. Frankly speaking, I'm way more interested in pursuing my degree in USM coz I've been aiming that place since like uhh 2014 maybe? Idk. But yeah I guess I'll just choose this route for now. The more important think to consider right now is the time taken for me to complete the degree (since I'm 22 y/o already ew ancient dino old fuck) and the accessibility of the course itself (biology ftw).

I was thinking of applying for the UPU and wishing and sacrifice myself to satan to get accepted lol jk to get into USM butttt the thing is I don't know what courses to take. You see? The problem with me is that I know nothing and I'm afraid of everything. The risks of doing this are there, a very high risk. So yeah I said to myself, "fuck this shit I'm going to uitm penerapan."

Yeah this is a wayyy safer road than the other one by going to this uitm. hahaha. And plus! -- It'll cost me less money since I don't really wanna put the burden on my family that much to pay for all of the costs and shits of me doing degree. (Think about the future!)

Having considered all of these, I'll go to UiTM. Hahahaha.

You might think like, "Ew izzi is over-reacting fuck off." 

Well then, you're not wrong. But hey it's not like you got the chance to make this kind of decision everyday right? It's going to affect my life for the next couple of years. Probably my ego as well possessing my way of handling stuffs

I don't even know what is the point of this post but yeah you got that one new info about me.
"So what course you're going to study?"

Uhh, I'm not going to mention it here just yet but well if you are really insisting on knowing that just contact me personally hahaha. Yeah I'll just update about my life soon enough after I've gotten into the place sebab aku akan meroyan pasal studies. HAHAHAHA ok

Yeah that's it. Till we meet again!