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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's hot.

Hey guys!

Don't mind the title post-- I write it that way because it is hot right now at my place.

February of 2016 is nearing its I can't believe it's almost March already. Fucking surreal.

Oh! Important update of my life. Recently I bought a new phone with 75% of 'help' from my father (that phone costed me around 3x of my saving money 😛). I thought I would only be able to buy a phone that is okay to use with how much I've saved, then mom said I can choose something better.

I ended up buying a new model from samsung (galaxy A5 2016) which costed me RMxxxx. I can say it is satisfying for me as my previous phone was a hell of torture.

Guess this post is just about my new phone 😂😂. Maybe next time I will make a phone review lol.

Here's a current pic of me taken a couple of days earlier. Till then. Bye!

Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!

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